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Lean, mean, and

All New Isuzu D-Max

The All-New Isuzu D-Max Auto Plus 4×2 is built for the kind of adventures that fit your urban lifestyle. A pickup truck designed to be leaner, more dynamic, and more versatile for everyday drives in the city. Whether it’s your daily work or pleasure over the weekend, with The All-New Isuzu D-Max Auto Plus 4×2, it’s time to break boundaries.

Make Epic Trips in Comfort!

A brave new adventure awaits you

The cabin of the All-New Isuzu D-Max Auto Plus 4×2 is spacious and inviting, designed for optimal comfort. With the 7 inch Touch Screen Infotainment System at your fingertips and the luxurious leather wrapped steering wheel, having an enjoyable and pleasant drive is all but guaranteed.


All the power you need, and all the thrill you want. The 1.9-Litre Blue Power Engine delivers a strong 150PS and 350Nm of torque with a flat torque at 1,800 – 2,600 rpm, so every adventure feels effortless. On top of that, the smooth 6-speed automatic transmission allows for a sportier, more pleasurable drive.

Heavy Duty Pick-up Truck Meets New Tech

Full control at your fingertips

The All-New Isuzu D-Max Auto Plus 4×2 is all about the journey, not the destination. Stay connected and entertained with 7 inch Touch Screen Infotainment System with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as the 6 speakers for an immersive audio experience.

Take on any road, anywhere

Strength in any surrounding

The All-New Isuzu D-Max’s chassis has been refined across multiple aspects. It’s larger, higher, and wider with additional cross members for improved safety and stability. At Isuzu, our skilled engineers go down to the minute details for a better driving experience, and The All-New Isuzu D-Max has undergone an extensive 4 million kilometres durability test before being approved for the road.

State-of-the-art safety in your drive

A breakthrough in safety features

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RM 102,999.20*

Private (Peninsular)

*Recommended OTR price without insurance

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Peninsular Malaysia

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Dr Vivian

"Trusting its durability and toughness, driving an Isuzu D-Max gives me great peace of mind. I definitely feel safer traveling alone – be it long journeys, rough terrains, remote areas, odd hours… I am more confident now! And a big bonus point: despite being a big truck, the ease of handling and comfort level is amazing! Isuzu D-Max… my handsome prince charming and knight in shining armour, all in one"

Norazlinda Amin

"The All New Isuzu D-Max was purchased as a gift for my husband, who required a good looking versatile and safe vehicle for his professional and lifestyle usage. However, I also utilize D-Max to get to school, collect my Shaklee supplies, participate in agricultural activities, and travel to my hometown. D-Max is one of my favorite pickup truck since it has so many safety features."

Sakai Jim

"My decision to purchase the D-Max X-Terrain over the other trucks is down to its luxurious interior and truck bed sliding tray. The D-Max's interior really does give you an impression that you are in a luxurious vehicle."

Qi Min

“I would say the all new Isuzu D-Max is a great choice for those who have been looking to buy their next truck. I was convinced with its extensive 7 year warranty with unlimited mileage, good space loading capabilities and exterior that look young & trendy on your streets!”

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“We’re really excited to bring this camping idea to life. . After a long discussion, a few test drives, we decided to get the Isuzu D Max. I feel the interior design is premium and very comfortable. It suits our purpose of having a pick-up truck hybrid with daily life and leisure road trips, especially long journey drives. My family really enjoy the cozy ride in it, while looking out at the beautiful scenery."

Watch the video HERE